Itchy Feet and Wanderlust

Somehow, I have managed to unwittingly subscribe to the Lonely Planet’s newsletters. I’m not entirely sure how one would do this, but every week, like clockwork, a magical email falls into my inbox. When I open it it takes me away from my desk and off to far flung corners off the world, where I can dream about wake boarding, kite surfing and generally just cooking in the sun.

My favourites are the interesting little city guides I receive, asking me why don’t I try a weekend in Florence? Why DON’T I? I think. Walking around the tiny little windy streets and stepping back in history, stopping at the little cafes and bistros along the way? Much better than a dreary August day, looking out of the window and dreaming of the rays of sunshine twinkling in the med.

So why not do the same? There are hundreds of interesting little sites dotted across the web that will give you a key to unlock the door to the rest of the world. learn a language, taste a new food or dabble in a new water-sport, its all at the tip of your fingers, and a mere flight away.And if that isn’t for you, why not take a try at camping in the New Forest?

For all the options you have, do however make sure that you have Travel Insurance. There is nothing worse than having the bad luck to fall ill on a trip and having to weigh up the cost of paying for treatment, or feeling rubbish for the rest of your trip. With hundreds of policy options to choose from, go online and find a cheap policy. Use the money you saved to go a little further, and experience the new!!