Eco Warrior

We all try to do our little bit in the home for the environment, like unplugging our phone chargers from the wall rather than just unplugging the phone from the wire, and washing out our yoghurt pots and leaving them for the recycling men in their shiny vans. Newspapers get put in the relevant crate in my household, and tea bags are deposited in the food waste bin, along with leftover dinner and peelings. Quite frankly, there are so many different recycling bins around my house that there is little room left for me!

And recycling makes us all feel better, doesn’t it? I mean, we may have just returned from an environment – damaging flight home from the Caribbean, or driving back from the supermarket when we could have walked, but as long as we took all our junk mail and put it in the paper recycling; we feel all smug and embrace our inner eco warrior. And this is fair enough, if everybody attempts to reduce their carbon footprint a teeny bit, then our world would be a cooler place. That’s food for thought when you are putting your aerosol deodorant on or coating your hair in hairspray!

Environmental issues aren’t going to go away, either. We may be surfing the wobbly line of environmental damage in our lifetimes, but our children’s children will suffer from lack of fossil fuels / full landfill sights / birds with crisp packets stuck on their heads. So we need to do something about it! Where is all the rubbish we create going to go when the land is full? Will we be firing it off into space, to orbit the earth and draw attention to our waste full, rubbish generating ways? Oh the shame.

The process of doing our washing consumes massive amounts of energy, and uses water and chemicals that are then pumped back into the environment. There are little things that we can do however, to reduce the damage we are doing. Wash your dirty clothes on a cooler setting, to minimise the heat by product that is produced every time you set your clothes to spin, and line dry your washing instead of bunging it straight into the tumble dryer. It will smell better too. Choose eco friendly detergent for your wash, and next time your rust old washing machine is due for an upgrade, really look into the energy saving offerings on the market. Look at safe guarding the future.

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