Protecting Your Home

A lot of people do not realise that when they set out with renting out their holiday home, whether that´s holiday home be in the UK or abroad, that there are very specialist insurance policies to look at. If you have not already thought about it, consider a specialist overseas holiday home insurance today!

In fact, your bog standard home insurance policy will almost certainly not cover you for renting out your property to paying customers.

And proper insurance for both UK and overseas properties is essential. You are running a business and have the responsibilities of a business owner. For example, if a visitor trips on your flooring, maybe skidding on the wet bathroom floor, then they could end up suing you.

overseas holiday home insurance

This is the specialist extras that overseas holiday home insurance policies would cover. You are also inviting strangers into your property, who you may never had met.

Are these people honest and reliable? Are they going to be leaving the property in a fit state for the cleaners to come in and turn it around for the next visitors?

Another major consider is what if some holiday makers decide to hold an impromptu party and wreck your holiday home? You would need to claim for the repairs for this on your insurance policy, which a standard home insurance policy is unlikely to pay up for. Also, if you have further holiday makers coming in to the holiday home the next week, are they going to be able to use it, or will you need to cancel their holiday or find suitable alternative accommodation?

Either result could end up costing you a lot of cash out of your own pocket if you have not considered beforehand the correct insurance to take out. Do look through your insurance and make sure that you have a suitable holiday home cover and not just a standard home contents cover.