The Dors Mobile

If, like me, you find the sophisticated style of the fifties film stars, like Audrey Hepburn and Ginger Rogers intriguing, then it may spark your interest to find out that the 1949 Delahaye Roadster, once owned by Diana Dors, is currently up for sale.

The curvaceous, sexy convertible was one of only fifty one of the vehicles made, and was bought for five thousand pounds from the first owner by Diana, who didn’t even have a driving licence at the time. A considerable amount of money in those days for a seventeen year old, the car has a transparent steering wheel and bird motifs on the inside of the doors and was owned by Dors until it was bought by an American and shipped there in later years, where it now resides in Monterrey, California. The opulent interior is blue and white, with the exterior being a flashy blue and white style.

A modern day mystery. Diana Dors left two million pounds in various bank accounts across Europe before she died of ovarian cancer, and gave her son a code eighteen months before she died. The idea was that the code, when put with the key that she had given her husband, would unlock the fortunes. Her husband committed suicide five months after her death, and despite her son drafting in top forensic experts to crack the code, it seems that there was a second sheet of paper, and the code has therefore never been cracked.

The car has been completely restored and is estimated to sell for up to six million dollars, with interest from both car and movie enthusiasts across the world with money laying heavy in their pockets.

I however, am not sure how practical it would be for modern road use if I wanted to use the spare six million I have in the shoebox under my bed. The enigmatic vehicle may be slightly out of place on the long commute home in the rain, and is perhaps better suited in California. Also, the cost of Car Insurance on such a rare vehicle would have me living off pot noodles all month. Hardly ideal.