Cleaning Buddies

I live in a world where life moves faster than I want it to. I think back to when I was six, and the days seemed to go so slowly, the thought of six weeks off school for the summer holidays seemed like forever, and the thought of being in my twenties was something that my childlike brain couldn’t even comprehend. Now I sit on the sofa at the end of the day and wonder how it went from 7am to 7pm in what feels like a second. Where does the time go?

So housework features low on my list of things that I have time to do. Add this to the fact that it also takes bottom ranking for the list of things that i like to do, and you get an accurate picture of the state of my house. I would much rather make dinner than wash up, and I optimistically put washing in the machine, to find it there days later, having forgotten to get it out again.

So anything that helps my daily clean is a little gem to me, and anything that minimises my hovering / washing time also is embraced, like a long lost relative.

Cue the discovery of the Irobot. The clever little robot is set to ‘clean’ and makes its way around the house, nibbling away at dust and pet fur, and returning to its little docking station when its job is complete. It cleans corners and edges, and senses where the walls are, turning when it reaches one. Fantastic!!

The clever little computer – Hoover can be set for a whole week of chores, so you can get on with avoiding any cleaning whatsoever, just emptying it once a week when it fills up. Its amusing when it encounters the dog, who hasn’t got a clue what this weird little machine that has entered its kingdom is, and chases it around, but other than that, Irobot and my house have a harmonious relationship. It doesn’t fall down the stairs, as it is programmed to know where the step is and avoid it, and the clever little thing can identify whether it is in the kitchen or the lounge due to the flooring, and adjust appropriately.

The Irobot will lighten your wallet considerably, so go online for Home Insurance to save yourself some money.