Re Test Terror

My grandfather hails from an era where everything was difficult, and people struggled through adversity to succeed on society. Or so he says. He also says, with proud prominence, that things are much easier these days, children don’t appreciate their blessings and exams are far easier. He assures us that he could pass GCSE’s and A levels now with his eyes closed, and the driving test would be a walk in the park for someone with such amazing skill at, well, everything.

But a recent study, published in the Daily Mail and conducted my What Car? magazine, might leave him having to back up his outlandish, and quite frankly, aggravating claims.

According to their studies, almost half of Britain’s drivers would fail a learner driver test if they had to re take it. Of the twenty people that were studied, with ages ranging from 17 to 71, only eleven of them passed. Thirty percent of the guinea pigs were marked down for poor attention, with one in ten failing to even maintain car control. Bit of a worry as these people are legally allowed on the roads. Eight of the people that failed committed failures that were deemed so serious that the examiners commented that they would have failed them on the spot. Out of the eleven that passed, eight of them made more then ten minor mistakes, putting them very close to failing the test too.

This proves a little bit of a worry for the general public, knowing that the majority of us drive at a level that is not deemed safe enough by the examiners and testers that govern our driving skills in the first place. It is also a worry that there is a whole generation of under 20 year olds who have recently passed their tests, and are therefore a lot safer than you or I. It almost makes you glad you have Car Insurance, really!