Domestic Goddess

The idea of being a grown up and let loose in the kitchen is a worry for most fledgling children. Don’t get me wrong, mothers do well by teaching you how to boil and egg and reheat dinner, but we are all used to the call of “Dinners Ready!” to hail feeding time at the zoo.

So going to university, is like a bird being kicked out of a nest. Left to our own devices, teenagers and young adults all over the country balk in horror when they see a cookbook, or are asked to cook a lasagne.

A friend of mine tells an amusing story, of when she first moved in with her boyfriend and decided to be a domestic goddess and cook soup. From scratch. And croutons. From scratch. Soup was duly made and croutons were prepped, ad popped under the grill ready for dinner. Boyfriend came home, chatting started and the next thing she knew, boyfriend was hollering in the kitchen.

Due to the flames that were leaping from the back of the oven, and the ominous orange glow from the entire room. Woops. Luckily the fire brigade were not called, as I’m sure they would have found it less amusing, but the whole incident was deemed a write off, and croutons / charcoal were abandoned in favour of a takeaway. Job done.

I think the moral of the story here, is to make sure that you have Home Insurance. It would be a painful lesson to learn if you burnt the house down, lost all possessions and didn’t have anything to help out!!