Avoid High Premiums

Avoid high premiums that people sometimes pay for their car insurance by doing everything you can to save money and keep your rates low. There are many different factors that go into high premium prices and many reasons why folks often have to pay so much for their car insurance. Some of these factors are beyond our control. A good example of this is age. A young male under the age of 25 will pay more money for his car insurance on average than anyone else. But there are some factors such as accident free discounts that we do have control over, so we can do a lot to control our policy premiums as well.

There are a few very common and prominent examples that can be used as representative ones for the whole group. Just taking a closer look at these few examples helps us to see the great potential there is for us to get lower prices and avoid high premiums. Credit scores play a big part, so cleaning up your credit can make a difference. The safety and security equipment and features on a vehicle really can help prices, so selection of models and features makes an impact. And of course, where we buy our policies and how we buy them also matters.

Credit Score and Car Insurance

Credit scores are directly tied to the prices we pay for auto insurance. Companies come up with what is called an insurance score that is based directly off of your credit report. This insurance score is then included statistically in the computation of rates and even the determination of eligibility for programs. Having a low credit score clearly impedes any effort to save money on auto coverage.

We can do a lot to improve our credit if it´s really poor. In some cases, scores can be increased pretty dramatically in just a short period of time by getting credit cards out of collection and making simple moves like that. A good credit counselor can be an excellent resource in this department. Getting this stuff straightened out helps you get into a cheaper policy, which in turn continues the cycle of financial recovery.

High insurance Premiums

Safety and Security Auto Discounts

Sometimes buyers have a hard time choosing the features to include and those to leave off when they are ordering a car. If it helps make this choice any easier, auto insurance companies really like features that make cars safer and more secure. Autos that perform well in crash tests and that have multiple air bags and passive restraint systems are cheaper to insure than their counterparts. The same is true of cars that have security features like advanced anti theft devices.

Online Shopping for Automobile Insurance

There are many different strategies we can use to avoid high premiums and save some money on our policies. One of the best ones that work every time is to drive safely and avoid accidents and tickets. Keeping your driving record clean is a great way to keep rates low. In addition, searching online for coverage to compare prices among local companies helps you to find great deals on quality coverage.

Protecting Your Home

A lot of people do not realise that when they set out with renting out their holiday home, whether that´s holiday home be in the UK or abroad, that there are very specialist insurance policies to look at. If you have not already thought about it, consider a specialist overseas holiday home insurance today!

In fact, your bog standard home insurance policy will almost certainly not cover you for renting out your property to paying customers.

And proper insurance for both UK and overseas properties is essential. You are running a business and have the responsibilities of a business owner. For example, if a visitor trips on your flooring, maybe skidding on the wet bathroom floor, then they could end up suing you.

overseas holiday home insurance

This is the specialist extras that overseas holiday home insurance policies would cover. You are also inviting strangers into your property, who you may never had met.

Are these people honest and reliable? Are they going to be leaving the property in a fit state for the cleaners to come in and turn it around for the next visitors?

Another major consider is what if some holiday makers decide to hold an impromptu party and wreck your holiday home? You would need to claim for the repairs for this on your insurance policy, which a standard home insurance policy is unlikely to pay up for. Also, if you have further holiday makers coming in to the holiday home the next week, are they going to be able to use it, or will you need to cancel their holiday or find suitable alternative accommodation?

Either result could end up costing you a lot of cash out of your own pocket if you have not considered beforehand the correct insurance to take out. Do look through your insurance and make sure that you have a suitable holiday home cover and not just a standard home contents cover.

The Brighter Side of Life Insurance Policies

Whole life insurance, on the other hand, is a policy which would last throughout the holder’s lifetime and is often bundled with a cash value which will continue to build. The idea of mortality, and that of your own, sounds extremely morbid. However, we’ll inevitably bite the dust although when remains an uncertainty. A person who ponders on this subject will definitely think about his or her dependents and what will happen to them. Life insurance is a comforting answer to this dilemma.

Whole Life vs Term Life

There are two types of life insurance which individuals can choose to purchase – whole life and term. Historically, only term life insurance policies were offered which only covers premature death. Basically, a person takes out a term insurance and pays premiums for a specified number of years ranging from 10 to 30. Policy holders can only benefit from term insurance if they die before the policy expires. While term life insurance premiums are less costly compared to whole life insurance, in retrospect, policy holders weren’t happy that after paying premiums for years, they’ll get nothing if they survive the entire policy period.

Up until it equals the death benefit upon the time of the policy’s maturation. This would mean that whole life insurance premiums are more expensive compared with term life insurance policies.

Advertising life insurance

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Given the entire rationale behind whole life insurance, this type of insurance gives policy holders the added benefit of forfeiting the death benefit in order to borrow the cash value. The holder will be able to get back the cash value and the interest it had accrued.

But because the insurance company basically invests the premium holders pay in order for the cash value to appreciate, this can make any average reasonable person hesitant. What if the investments do not fare well or the company experiences a not so healthy number of death claims? In order to ease the doubts of individuals who want to purchase life insurance policies, insurance companies often issue guarantees that a holder’s cash value will continue to increase despite the aforementioned factors.

So how will policy holders be able to take in their dividends? There are three options: the holder may choose to receive a cheque from the company, use the dividends to reduce the cost of premiums or they may be reinvested so that the cash value and death benefit can increase substantially at a shorter period of time. But what is really so tempting about whole life policy is the fact that cash values can accrue interest tax-deferred and income taxes only become applicable when the amount goes beyond the total premium outlay.

Types of Business Insurance

There are several types of business insurance policies you can purchase if you are a merchant operating in the UK. Some of these policies are mandatory by law for every merchant to carry, and some policies are purely for your protection in the event of a lawsuit, or legal action, therefore, they are not mandatory. Before you hire your first employee, and before you can sell your first product from your store front, you must have your coverage in place, and protecting your investments.

It is mandatory in the UK that every merchant, whether they manufacture a product, or they are in the advice business, carry employee liability coverage, and public liability coverage. You have to provide coverage for any person that is employed by you in the event they are injured, they become ill, or they should die, as a direct result of their job duties, or of something at your place of business. You also must provide a policy that will cover the expenses of any client, or customer that is injured, or becomes ill as a result of your product, or while they were on your premises. If you have just mopped the floor, and not put out a wet floor warning sign, and someone slips and hurts them self, you are responsible for that injury. If during the fall the person broke their eyeglasses you would be responsible for their property damages. So these policies protect you as much as they provide for employees, and customers.

Product liability coverage, unlike general cheap business insurance, is mandatory in the UK if you manufacture any type of product. People can make the claim that the product you manufactured cause damage to their property. You must have product liability coverage that will pay for the damages, if it can be proven in court that your product did cause them. Lawsuits, and court proceedings can get very expensive, and they can wipe a small merchant out of funds to operate their enterprises. The coverage does not just protect people who buy bad products, it protects merchants from people who are less than truthful, and sue others on fraudulent claims. Unfortunately not all people are honest, and we must protect our investments against those that would take advantage of us.

Young Driver Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

Even though it is now very easy to find a car insurance policy at an affordable rate even for young drivers, there are still a lot of easy steps to complete that can help you lower the insurance premium even further. Follow these next several money saving tips to start lowering your car insurance premium substantially.

If you are a student – or if you are insuring your teenager – check if you can qualify or the good student discount. You need to supply the insurance company with your report card for further review, but qualifying for this discount means you can reduce the car insurance premium by as much as 10%.

Young Driver Car Insurance

Take your time and enroll in a safety driving course before applying for a car insurance. At the end of the course, you will be asked to complete a series of tests; in return, you get a certificate stating that you have completed the course. Simply supply the safety driving certificate with your insurance application and get an additional discount of up to 10% instantly.

There are more money saving insurance tips for first time buyers you can apply in order to lower the car insurance premium substantially, so stay tuned for more updates right here on this site.

Finding quality car insurance

Many people are looking for quality car insurance in the UK; everyone needs to have the safety and security of knowing that if the unthinkable should happen they will be prepared for the situation. They will want to know that they have a company that will take care of all of their needs in an accident.

UK residents use many ways to research the availability of quality car insurance. They can get quotes from online through services who will allow them to order the insurance, give them a phone number to call in the case of an accident or breakdown, will calculate any savings that the customer qualifies for. They will look for everything they will need to insure every vehicle they have. Another avenue to find quality car insurance in the UK is to call around to the different companies and ask each for a quote
Getting quotes is easy; every company will give you a quote in the hopes that you will give them your business. A quote is not binding so you are not required to accept the insurance of any company. You have choices, make sure you are getting quotes from at least 5 companies, and that it is in writing.

To get quotes quickly from multiple websites is a way for you to get a lot of information in a short time. Many online insurance companies will offer competitive pricing of other companies if for no other reason but to get you to choose their site. You will also want to know what each of these companies will offer you and these websites will give you a quick comparison of the offerings of each of these sites.

If you are looking for a way to get quality insurance in the UK, research as many companies as possible and find out all of the pertinent information needed to make an informed decision.

Best Car Insurance Discounts to Pursue

We’ve discussed some of the best ways to reduce young driver car insurance premium before. In this article, we are going to focus more on discounts and how to pursue them. Let’s get started, shall we?

If you are insuring your teenager, you are actually entitled for a multiple car discount. Regardless of whose name registered, insuring more than one car with the same insurance company allows you to qualify for the multiple car discount as long as the same address is registered in all of them.

Another great discount to pursue is the multi-policy discount. This discount allows you to save up to 50% and have all the insurance premiums reduced. If you have a car insurance and a homeowner insurance from the same company, for example, you can claim the multi-policy discount.

You can even get an additional discount just by asking for it. The car insurance market is more competitive than ever, so all you need to do is ask for a better deal – and mention that you are comparing insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies – to get an additional discount of up to 10% thrown in.

With these discounts to pursue, there is no doubt that you can buy a young driver car insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Itchy Feet and Wanderlust

Somehow, I have managed to unwittingly subscribe to the Lonely Planet’s newsletters. I’m not entirely sure how one would do this, but every week, like clockwork, a magical email falls into my inbox. When I open it it takes me away from my desk and off to far flung corners off the world, where I can dream about wake boarding, kite surfing and generally just cooking in the sun.

My favourites are the interesting little city guides I receive, asking me why don’t I try a weekend in Florence? Why DON’T I? I think. Walking around the tiny little windy streets and stepping back in history, stopping at the little cafes and bistros along the way? Much better than a dreary August day, looking out of the window and dreaming of the rays of sunshine twinkling in the med.

So why not do the same? There are hundreds of interesting little sites dotted across the web that will give you a key to unlock the door to the rest of the world. learn a language, taste a new food or dabble in a new water-sport, its all at the tip of your fingers, and a mere flight away.And if that isn’t for you, why not take a try at camping in the New Forest?

For all the options you have, do however make sure that you have Travel Insurance. There is nothing worse than having the bad luck to fall ill on a trip and having to weigh up the cost of paying for treatment, or feeling rubbish for the rest of your trip. With hundreds of policy options to choose from, go online and find a cheap policy. Use the money you saved to go a little further, and experience the new!!

Buzz Off Bumper Sticker!

Everyone has them; those irksome little things that make your blood boil for absolutely no reason. Their little bug bear, something that irritates them beyond the point of rationality. May be its TV chefs and the way they manage to effortlessly whip up something right every time, or wasps, or the way your boyfriend leaves the milk on the side yet never seems surprised that it flies back into the fridge all by itself… whatever your issue may be, I would put money on the fact that you have one.

Mine is bumper stickers. They’re awful!

Bumper stickers have no redeeming features. Often supported by the chav, or balding man, the bumper sticker is a sign of trying to act cool and regain lost youth in the case of the latter.

“Honk if you love dance music” No thank you, I don’t honk on demand.

“Princess on board” REALLY? Wow, that is fantastic. Most have drivers, how retro of you.

And my least favourite “Baby on board”. Even i know that this one is irrational, but it causes me massive aggravation as it implies that you would happily plough into the back of the person in front, was it not for the fact that they had a rug rat in the back.

Car Insurance companies must also hate them. The writing on these elaborate stickers is often so minute, that the brokers must get some of the slightly less intelligent of the species calling up to report an accident, the crux being that they drove into the back of someone whilst trying to read that they indeed, love Wales.

I just don’t get them. Why would you want to advertise to complete strangers that you a) have a dog b) love your dog or c) hate dogs? They are written by the individuals among us that use irritating phrases, such as “that really gets my goat!” (A commonplace pet in the British home) and “hence why” (meaning the same thing, almost as pointless as saying “why why?” )And “I’m not being funny, but …”.

So, to the people responsible for circulating these annoying stickers, please, stop. If not for the sanity of the country then just for mine. That would be great. many thanks.

Think about it. And I’m really sorry if, after reading this, you have just acquired another bugbear. Rant over.

Cleaning Buddies

I live in a world where life moves faster than I want it to. I think back to when I was six, and the days seemed to go so slowly, the thought of six weeks off school for the summer holidays seemed like forever, and the thought of being in my twenties was something that my childlike brain couldn’t even comprehend. Now I sit on the sofa at the end of the day and wonder how it went from 7am to 7pm in what feels like a second. Where does the time go?

So housework features low on my list of things that I have time to do. Add this to the fact that it also takes bottom ranking for the list of things that i like to do, and you get an accurate picture of the state of my house. I would much rather make dinner than wash up, and I optimistically put washing in the machine, to find it there days later, having forgotten to get it out again.

So anything that helps my daily clean is a little gem to me, and anything that minimises my hovering / washing time also is embraced, like a long lost relative.

Cue the discovery of the Irobot. The clever little robot is set to ‘clean’ and makes its way around the house, nibbling away at dust and pet fur, and returning to its little docking station when its job is complete. It cleans corners and edges, and senses where the walls are, turning when it reaches one. Fantastic!!

The clever little computer – Hoover can be set for a whole week of chores, so you can get on with avoiding any cleaning whatsoever, just emptying it once a week when it fills up. Its amusing when it encounters the dog, who hasn’t got a clue what this weird little machine that has entered its kingdom is, and chases it around, but other than that, Irobot and my house have a harmonious relationship. It doesn’t fall down the stairs, as it is programmed to know where the step is and avoid it, and the clever little thing can identify whether it is in the kitchen or the lounge due to the flooring, and adjust appropriately.

The Irobot will lighten your wallet considerably, so go online for Home Insurance to save yourself some money.

The Dors Mobile

If, like me, you find the sophisticated style of the fifties film stars, like Audrey Hepburn and Ginger Rogers intriguing, then it may spark your interest to find out that the 1949 Delahaye Roadster, once owned by Diana Dors, is currently up for sale.

The curvaceous, sexy convertible was one of only fifty one of the vehicles made, and was bought for five thousand pounds from the first owner by Diana, who didn’t even have a driving licence at the time. A considerable amount of money in those days for a seventeen year old, the car has a transparent steering wheel and bird motifs on the inside of the doors and was owned by Dors until it was bought by an American and shipped there in later years, where it now resides in Monterrey, California. The opulent interior is blue and white, with the exterior being a flashy blue and white style.

A modern day mystery. Diana Dors left two million pounds in various bank accounts across Europe before she died of ovarian cancer, and gave her son a code eighteen months before she died. The idea was that the code, when put with the key that she had given her husband, would unlock the fortunes. Her husband committed suicide five months after her death, and despite her son drafting in top forensic experts to crack the code, it seems that there was a second sheet of paper, and the code has therefore never been cracked.

The car has been completely restored and is estimated to sell for up to six million dollars, with interest from both car and movie enthusiasts across the world with money laying heavy in their pockets.

I however, am not sure how practical it would be for modern road use if I wanted to use the spare six million I have in the shoebox under my bed. The enigmatic vehicle may be slightly out of place on the long commute home in the rain, and is perhaps better suited in California. Also, the cost of Car Insurance on such a rare vehicle would have me living off pot noodles all month. Hardly ideal.

Domestic Goddess

The idea of being a grown up and let loose in the kitchen is a worry for most fledgling children. Don’t get me wrong, mothers do well by teaching you how to boil and egg and reheat dinner, but we are all used to the call of “Dinners Ready!” to hail feeding time at the zoo.

So going to university, is like a bird being kicked out of a nest. Left to our own devices, teenagers and young adults all over the country balk in horror when they see a cookbook, or are asked to cook a lasagne.

A friend of mine tells an amusing story, of when she first moved in with her boyfriend and decided to be a domestic goddess and cook soup. From scratch. And croutons. From scratch. Soup was duly made and croutons were prepped, ad popped under the grill ready for dinner. Boyfriend came home, chatting started and the next thing she knew, boyfriend was hollering in the kitchen.

Due to the flames that were leaping from the back of the oven, and the ominous orange glow from the entire room. Woops. Luckily the fire brigade were not called, as I’m sure they would have found it less amusing, but the whole incident was deemed a write off, and croutons / charcoal were abandoned in favour of a takeaway. Job done.

I think the moral of the story here, is to make sure that you have Home Insurance. It would be a painful lesson to learn if you burnt the house down, lost all possessions and didn’t have anything to help out!!

Eco Warrior

We all try to do our little bit in the home for the environment, like unplugging our phone chargers from the wall rather than just unplugging the phone from the wire, and washing out our yoghurt pots and leaving them for the recycling men in their shiny vans. Newspapers get put in the relevant crate in my household, and tea bags are deposited in the food waste bin, along with leftover dinner and peelings. Quite frankly, there are so many different recycling bins around my house that there is little room left for me!

And recycling makes us all feel better, doesn’t it? I mean, we may have just returned from an environment – damaging flight home from the Caribbean, or driving back from the supermarket when we could have walked, but as long as we took all our junk mail and put it in the paper recycling; we feel all smug and embrace our inner eco warrior. And this is fair enough, if everybody attempts to reduce their carbon footprint a teeny bit, then our world would be a cooler place. That’s food for thought when you are putting your aerosol deodorant on or coating your hair in hairspray!

Environmental issues aren’t going to go away, either. We may be surfing the wobbly line of environmental damage in our lifetimes, but our children’s children will suffer from lack of fossil fuels / full landfill sights / birds with crisp packets stuck on their heads. So we need to do something about it! Where is all the rubbish we create going to go when the land is full? Will we be firing it off into space, to orbit the earth and draw attention to our waste full, rubbish generating ways? Oh the shame.

The process of doing our washing consumes massive amounts of energy, and uses water and chemicals that are then pumped back into the environment. There are little things that we can do however, to reduce the damage we are doing. Wash your dirty clothes on a cooler setting, to minimise the heat by product that is produced every time you set your clothes to spin, and line dry your washing instead of bunging it straight into the tumble dryer. It will smell better too. Choose eco friendly detergent for your wash, and next time your rust old washing machine is due for an upgrade, really look into the energy saving offerings on the market. Look at safe guarding the future.

To save money on your Home Insurance, Buy Home Insurance online and keep your hard earned pennies to put towards saving the planet!!

Re Test Terror

My grandfather hails from an era where everything was difficult, and people struggled through adversity to succeed on society. Or so he says. He also says, with proud prominence, that things are much easier these days, children don’t appreciate their blessings and exams are far easier. He assures us that he could pass GCSE’s and A levels now with his eyes closed, and the driving test would be a walk in the park for someone with such amazing skill at, well, everything.

But a recent study, published in the Daily Mail and conducted my What Car? magazine, might leave him having to back up his outlandish, and quite frankly, aggravating claims.

According to their studies, almost half of Britain’s drivers would fail a learner driver test if they had to re take it. Of the twenty people that were studied, with ages ranging from 17 to 71, only eleven of them passed. Thirty percent of the guinea pigs were marked down for poor attention, with one in ten failing to even maintain car control. Bit of a worry as these people are legally allowed on the roads. Eight of the people that failed committed failures that were deemed so serious that the examiners commented that they would have failed them on the spot. Out of the eleven that passed, eight of them made more then ten minor mistakes, putting them very close to failing the test too.

This proves a little bit of a worry for the general public, knowing that the majority of us drive at a level that is not deemed safe enough by the examiners and testers that govern our driving skills in the first place. It is also a worry that there is a whole generation of under 20 year olds who have recently passed their tests, and are therefore a lot safer than you or I. It almost makes you glad you have Car Insurance, really!